Susan Craig. Singer, songwriter, artist.


Testimonials & link below to MOSS "Face the Music" CD.

“Moss has had their heads down recently, creating an original album and honing their stage show.  The result is a multimedia performance that showcases their 

well-crafted ‘heartland’ rock, with songs that have a social conscience.    

Tight and powerful, they own the stage.  Front woman and lead vocalist is a formidable force, twirling and swirling around the stage while delivering passionate lyrics that inform us of the many injustices in the modern world.  Projected images behind the band illustrate the subject matter of most of the songs and guide you through their journey. The music has an unapologetic hat tip to the 70’s. No bad thing and their sound and show are big enough for any arena”.

Peter McLaughlin, Owner -  Distillery Studios, Adelaide and veteran of the London music scene.

As part of the Graham F Smith Peace Foundation, I had the pleasure of reviewing MOSS for the Peace Award at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017. Their performance interwove inspired lyrics with visuals and performance. It was the first time I had seen these mediums mixed together. It worked well. The excellent songwriting of  MOSS goes straight to core of what is happening in our times. They are the modern day griots of the Western world mixing hard social comment with hope. They epitomise the creative act of hope. This rock band is made up of fine musicians and Suzy rocks it out at the lead vocalist. I would highly recommend supporting this band. They are highly creative, collaborative, and what they are saying is worth listening to. 

Naomi Ebert Smith, Co-Chair, Graham F Smith Peace Foundation 

“MOSS writes and performs songs that have a little more to them than the steady diet 

of regurgitated emotional claptrap

John Schumann, composer, performer and writer.

The time is once again right for someone in this country to sing of serious issues and 

MOSS may be at the forefront of this movement

  Peter Withy. Marketing consultant and co-founder of KWP.

Their original meaningful tunes were catchy and powerful, they great stage presence, and were obviously well rehearsed.

Over 4 years, their hard work, great music and performance 

has stood them in good stead for the future.

Andrew Cooper, Scorcher Fest

In response to our Australian Songwriters Music Award, with “Braver than you believe”, 

making top 30 finalist out of 800 entries . . . 

Congratulations!  Well-deserved and we are still talking about your fabulous show at Riverstock 2016.

Coleen Viney, event manager, Riverstock, Moorook Riverland.

Australia Day 2017. MOSS performs to crowd of over 5,000 people. South Adelaide Football Club.