Susan Craig. Singer, songwriter, artist.


Singer, songwriter, artist, performer

Impressionist artist. Exhibition and commission art works.

My landscape works reflect not so much what I saw 
. . . but how I felt.

Susan Craig.  Singer. Songwriter. Performer. Artist.

Music has always been a big part of my life, initially performing as orignal singer songwriter/solo artist and currently as lead singer and lyricist in my own original band MOSS.  Our first CD titled "Face the Music", speaks of topics and issues that are of concern to me, yet wrapped in wicked guitar riffs and a driving rock beat.  I'm honoured to perform with such great musicians in MOSS and co-write with Mark Simpkin, lead guitarist and composer. 


Lead singer and songwriter in 5 piece heartland rock band - MOSS - "Dares to wade in deep water."

"Face the Music" - CD.  Cover image refers to our song "You're braver than you believe."
A song about domestic violence. Writer Susan Craig. Musical composition Mark Simpkin.
"Braver than you believe" made it to the top 30 finalists from 800 entries in the
2016 Australian Songwriters Association competition.

'Face the Music". Adelaide Fringe Show 2017.
A unique blend of rock music performed by MOSS intertwined with visual displays and live theatre enacting the stories from MOSS music.  Show creator Susan Craig.  Show writers Susan Craig and David Cronin

As part of the Graham F Smith Peace Foundation, I had the pleasure of reviewing MOSS for the Peace Award at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017. Their performance interwove inspired lyrics with visuals and performance. It was the first time I had seen these mediums mixed together. It worked well. The excellent songwriting of  MOSS goes straight to core of what is happening in our times. They are the modern day griots of the Western world mixing hard social comment with hope. They epitomise the creative act of hope. This rock band is made up of fine musicians and Suzy rocks it out at the lead vocalist. I would highly recommend supporting this band. They are highly creative, collaborative, and what they are saying is worth listening to. 

Naomi Ebert Smith, Co-Chair, Graham F Smith Peace Foundation 

Take a bow . . . "Face the music" Fringe 2017.  Port Noarlunga Arts Centre, South Australia.